The project Sonica Sequence came to life in Cuba in 2012. In an abandoned lot turned makeshift soccer pitch in old Havanna Lisa Nordström met up with the percussionist Hanser Santos Gómez. Two musicians who had never played together before, never re- hearsed together and not even talked about what they were going to play. With the city’s soundscape as a backdrop they explored each other’s musical expression and the end product turned into the rst step on a four year long journey for Lisa Nordström. Sonica Sequence has taken her from Cuba to Japan, Cyprus and Indone- sia in search of musical meetings in everyday environments. In a karaoke bar, a busy subway car, a back alley or in the middle of a rice eld – all perfect settings for improvised musical gatherings with humans from different cultures communicating only in the universal language of musical expression.

The project became a critically acclaimed documentary lm that is now being reborn as the album Volume – eight carefully chosen tracks from Soncia Sequence, made available in full length for the rst time. Volume is an exciting fusion of electronica, acoustic music and organic experimentation. The album collects musical meetings form different corners of the world into a naked and curious whole.

Lisa Nordström is a musician, composer and producer cur- rently based in Gothenburg. She used to be one part of the in- ternationally acclaimed electronica duo Midaircondo. The mu- sicians appearing on Volume come from a broad variety of different genres and Lisa’s own sound blends with everything from chamber music to noise, choral, gamelan, electronica and traditional Japanese music on the eclectic album. Featured on Volume are among others the percussionist Mika Takehara, one of the world’s leading koto players Miki Maruta, Woro – a pioneer within the exploding Indonesian Noise scene, the tradi- tional Balinese orchestra Gamelan Salukat and also The Amal- gamation Choir, an all female choir with members from both sides of the divided city of Nicosia.

Volume was produced by Lisa Nordström herself and mixed to- gether with Åke Linton at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothen- burg. The album will be released in both Sweden and worldwide by Pether Lindgren’s label ajabu! on 17th November.

The documentary Sonica Sequence premiered at the prestigious documentary lm festival CPH:DOX in early 2017. After a very well received rst screening it is now scheduled to be shown at: Way Out West in Gothenburg, Nordic Panorama in Malmö, Dokstation in Bucharest, Unerhört in Hamburg and EMFF in Russia. Sonica Sequence has also recently been shown at Womex in Katowice and during 2018 the lm will tour extensively with screenings in Colombia, Japan and the US already booked.